Scope of activities : provided activities cover all civil engineering , design , study, modification of  land planning,  project’s documentation, zoning permit, building permit, tendering ,  choosing the general contractor, supervision and  controlling, monitoring , representing the Investor, coordination of all subcontractors activities  , realization, settling and solution of all claims, following the projects up to taking over and completion.

Reference projects:

  1. Completely project management for Spanish building company “COMSA”:

  • Developing  the project of Nový Liskovec- Brno,  from the beginning until the finishing, from 02/2009 till 4/2013 in amount of 7 Million Euro For Spanish company Comsa a.s. .

  • Vrší project In Prague in amount of 4 million Euro. 2008-2009

2-      Complete project Management for the storage and administration building for Royal Crystal in Videnská 102J, Brno in amount of 1,8 million Euro-2010-2011.

3-      Project Management for the Storage and administration buildings “ Adda” In Moravanska, Brno-2010-2011

4-      Project management for investors Buildings in Rajhrad, Moravany u Brna , Žebětin, and 3 restaurants in  Brno. 2007-2009

5-      Project Management for the reconstruction work for  Hotel Alessandaria, 50 rooms, restaurant.. in Hradec krakové- Czech

6-      Business center Ali Baba (offices, restaurants, stores,…)in Bratislava – Slovakia  in amount of 3 million Euro and

Hotel Ali Baba Bratislava- Slovakia in amount of 4 million Euro2008-2011

7-       Project management of Otiskova Residences 1,3,5, 32.- Holzova  in Brno- Czech . For  the investor Doming a.s.

358 flats and 46 houses


Additional scope of activities: includes calculation and observation of   economic return, initial capital, cost, cash-flow forecast, arranging the developing and monitoring of work execution from coordinating the design work up to the achieving investors requirements, searching for the land, municipal plan, local city plan, statement of authorities, obtaining building permit, contracting with and   coordination of all subcontractors, realization, finishing, settling and solution of all claims … to taking over.


8-    Engineering work for Hochtief a.s. for SAKO Brno plant.2006

9- Engineering work for technical university Brno – Technická 10- VUT

10- Audit of the building project of  business center in Hradec Kralove for OHL ŽS Brno , 2005

11- Project management for Skoda export in Egypt “Power station Thalka „

12- Project management for Mitsubihi Heavy Industries- civil part for:

     Detmarovice Power station, Ostrava – Czech

13- Project Manager for  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Chemont a.s.  for the project “ Hydrokrack – Slovnaft Bratislava- Slovakia”


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